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Lost Dakotas - Over You

Directed by Erella Ganon and Scott Dobson
Animated Sequences created and executed by Erella Ganon
Produced with the financial assistance of Videofact
an organization to assist Canadian talent,
funded by the Much Music Network
© 1993 Lost Dakotas

Bravo to Lost Dakotas, Dave Allen and Scott Dobson for being so good natured about this. Not just anyone would be willing to do just about anything for a very low budget video. Scott and his friends created nothing short of miracles, shooting the Dakotas in the rain and assembling everything so smoothly in the edit. The guys enthusiastically played their instruments in unpleasant circumstances. In those days, Greg and Paul did a lot of busking so they weren't afraid of a bit of weather. This was long before we reached an age when everyone had access to video. For the animation, I borrowed a real 16mm animation stand and we did as much as we could after endless days of cutting, colouring and painting flowers. The New Kids On The Block dolls were dressed to resemble the Lost Dakotas for the performance sequences in the dollhouse that we created from a miniature church, found from a rummage sale.
After all that work, and many years, it looks pretty sweet now.

- Erella
erella (at) erella (dot) com